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Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Pal

The Wow Moments in my Life

A Wow moment can be defined as an introspective moment when you realize how freaking great your life really is. It is that moment which one says“I can't believe this is real life. It's all happening like a fairy tale." Such spellbound moment can leave you speechless for minutes. Here is a compilation of the wow moments that I have encountered in my life:

To see theTajmahal when I was only 7 years old
To see a comet in1970
Winning first prize in 100 m eat & run competition in annual school sports meet in 1971
To ride our first car ‘Blacky’ a 1935 model Morris made in UK in 1973 
To record my voice on a tape recorder in 1974
Family visit to JaganathPuri in 1974
To watchSolay and Amar Akbar Antony, especially Parveen Babi
India winning the 1975 Hockey World Cup 
When a fish aquarium was installed at our home in 1975
To see the making of the Durga idol at our railway bunglow
The sound of ‘Dhak’ [drum beats] at Durga puja pandal
To hear ABBA and BoneyM LP in 1976
Visit to the Birla Planetarium in Kolkata 1977
To see a Charlie Chaplain movies in Railway Officers Club
To see Pele playing in Kolkata in 1977 [Watched TV telecast for the first time]
To read the ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ comic books for the first time
To see the ‘fulPora’ [flower from the idol] from DurgaProtima
To hear stories about England and English Channel swim from Dr. Bimal Chandra 
To see Kanchenjunga in 1980
To see complete solar eclipse in 1980
To hear Nazia Hassan’s DiscoDeewane in 1981
When B/W television first came to our house in 1982
India winning the 1983 Prudential Cricket World Cup
To see the launch of INSAT-1B in 1983
Watch movies with my cousin Khokon in Bhopal on student’s concession ticket
My first ride of the Kolkata metro in 1983
To see Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma in space station Soyuz 7 in 1984
Clicking the first photo reel with my Hotshot camera in 1985
To see Diego Maradona in action in the 1986 world cup football
To party with my MSc class mates in Bhopal
My second visit to Tirupati to see Lord Venkateswara in 1986
To see Nanital for the first time in 1987
To see Maradona play in World cup football
To receive the letter from IVRI for my PhD admission in 1987
To hear ‘Sesher Kobita’ of Tagore and the poem ‘Bidrohi’ of Kazi Nazrul
Trekking the Himalayas and see Gomukh the starting point of Ganga in 1991
To see Satyajit Ray directed movie ‘Aguntuk’ in 1992
To see Sushmita Sen winning the Miss Universe crown in 1994
To see the water ballet ‘Chitrangada’ with my father-in-law in Kolkata 1996
To become dad in October 1998
Successfully presentation of my first clinical research paper on cancer in Delhi 1999
When my article was considered for publication in Lancet Oncology 2002
When I visited USA for the first time in 2006. It was my birthday and the day lasted for 36 hours
To visit National Institute of Health, Bethesda USA, in 2006
To tour Mumbai on a public holiday in 2009
To land in Ethiopia for my teaching assignment in 2010
To visit Dubai in 2011
When all my friends of MSc batch was reunited via Whatsapp in 2016