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Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Pal

Basanti Puja

Basanti Puja first started in Anandam in 2006. As it was the dying wish of my mother to perform a Durga Puja in our house. Mom was suffering from chronic renal failure due to high B.P. and diabetes. She was on dialysis for a long time, so to fulfil her wish 4 days Basanti Puja was first held on 2006, then again in 2007 one day Annapurna Puja was performed. She expired on 2007 few days after the puja. Thereafter, Annapurna puja was again done in 2009. After a gap of 7 years we again performed Annapurna puja at Anandam in 2015. This time it the wish of Ipsita [Tona’s wife], she had heard a lot about the earlier puja, and wanted to experience the festive feelings with all.